What makes our strawberries so unique?

The cultivation here with us in South Tyrol

We must be able to rely on nature and not work against it. As agronomists and food producers for many years, we have made it our goal to produce as close to nature as possible. This does not mean Certifications that we work in an open field without protection for our crops, like our grandparents did, but that we are flexible to nature’s conditions. From bright sunshine to destructive hailstorms, every year we fight to be able to supply our customers with strawberries of the highest quality – we’ll explain how in a moment:

Sales and marketing

We work under the maxim of quality, not quantity. Why? Quite simply. As a small region in the middle of Europe with a rare cultivated area, we cannot and do not want to keep up with the European trade, because the nature that surrounds us is dear to our hearts and we do not want to exploit it merely to make a profit from it.

Together in harmony with nature

We see no sense in exploiting and destroying nature around us for the sake of profit. For us, the plants, the earth, the water and everything that makes us live belong to the family and as a family we stick together and treat each other with kindness and respect. Because only if we take care of each other, we can guarantee an environmentally friendly production. This not only for the present moment, but also for our future generations.


Hygiene is a top priority at our farm. Starting with the clean harvest in the field to the hygienic packaging in our refrigerated packaging room. The average temperature during storage in our own refrigerated cell is 4°C, which is the highest level of hygiene. To ensure greater safety, regular independent hygiene inspections are carried out, making us a GLOBALG.A.P. and GRASP certified company.

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